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Welcome to the Sherwin Group

Located in rural Staffordshire near to Eccleshall, Sherwin Group have many years experience in the manufacture of conservatories, windows and doors to the trade.

Sherwin Group sources the timber from reputable suppliers ensuring the sustainable development of forests. Our selection methods of the superior hardwoods and treated softwoods used combined with our traditional construction methods guarantees that all our finished products are of the highest quality and will give many years satisfaction.

From the careful selection of timber, throughout the manufacturing process combined with our quality control procedures and making sure that the finished product is delivered within the specified time and complete ready for onsite installation. Makes our care, quality, and service uncompromised and second to none.


Sherwin Woodwork

For Bespoke Joinery


S. Leslie Sherwin

For Timber & Plywood


Sherwin Agricultural

For Gates & Fencing


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